Jumpax acoustic underlayment is a free floating, dry leveling, sound reducing, time and money saving fast track underlay system. Jumpax is capable of creating a super smooth jointless surface for direct glue down of resilient floor coverings such as linoleum, sheet vinyl, VCT, LVT, vinyl plank, cork floors and PSA backed carpets. Jumpax acoustic underlayment is suitable for commercial and residential use. The dual underlayment system consists of a composed base board and a calibrated top board.Floor Underlayment

Jumpax is the best underlay system in terms of leveling and impact sound reduction. Jumpax systems have been installed in universities, hospitals, condominiums, apartments, hotels, resorts and commercial places all over the world. In addition, Jumpax has been installed in commercial and public buildings to prevent high-traffic passages on the floors above from intruding conference, office and meeting areas.

• Fast track floor prep
• Dry leveling, free floating
• Super smooth surface
• Can be installed over existing floor
• Provides thermal insulation
• Outstanding floor leveling
(up to 1/8” over 3ft up to1/4” over 10 foot span)

• Thickness: 10mm, 3/8”
• Board size: 23 5/8” x 47 1/4”
• Boards per package: 4 each top & bottom
• Quantity per package: 31 sq ft
• Weight sf 1.35 lbs per sf
• Weight per package: 42 lbs


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