Redupax is an acoustic floor underlayment for floated laminate and engineered hardwood flooring. Redupax has a thickness of 9mm, a density of 13 lbs per cubic foot and offers true stability, acoustic and thermal qualities. In addition, Redupax is also environmentally friendly, FSC certified and biodegradable. Redpax Acoustic UnderlaymentInstalled under floated engineered hardwood and laminate floors, Redupax systems have been installed in condominiums, apartments, hotels and resorts in living areas.



• Free floating economical underlay saves installation time
• Rigid stable top surface simulates the sound and feel of nail-down hardwood flooring
• Excellent thermal qualities for warmth and comfort
• High smoothing qualities create a beautiful finished floor
• Will not bounce like many foam and felt products; increases lifetime of the floor
• Removes the hollow sound attributed to many floated engineered hardwood and laminate floors
• Made from 100% natural wood fibers; allows for leveling of floor imperfections up to 1/8” per 3 ft.

• Thickness: 9mm – 3/8”
• Sheet size: 23 1/4” x 33 7/8”
• Quantity per package: 16 sheets / 87 sq ft
• Density: 13 lbs per cubic foot
• Weight: 46 lbs per package

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