VC300 is a tough, resilient acoustic underlay that has been specially manufactured for resilient vinyl floors. Manufactured from PUR foam and cork granules, VC300 is ideally suited for all new construction for  glued down vinyl floors. Under laymentVC300 is rubber free so there will not be any issues with discoloration of the vinyl due to plasticizer migration, which is a common occurrence with rubber/vinyl adhesive reaction.


VC300 is Green Circle Certified containing both pre-consumer recycled content and rapid renewable material. VC300 is only 3mm thick but offers excellent acoustical performance as well as durability under point loads. VC300 has been tested with point loads under various vinyl floors with results up to 250 PSI ratings.

• Offers long term performance without
collapse or bottoming out
• Suitable for both new construction & renovations
• Quick & easy installation
• Resistant to aging & deformation


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